Com or Ug? Difference between a .com and .ug Domain Name

Have you ever thought of the difference between a .com and .ug domain name?

Choosing a domain name is crucial for your business and search engine rankings.

In this article, you will learn the difference between .com and .ug and which one is good for your website.

difference between a .com and .ug domain names

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your site’s address that people use to find your website on the internet. Ours is

For example, if your website is a room in a house, then your domain name will be that particular room number.

Domain names have Domain Extensions called TLDs-Top Level Domains. For example;


You have a wide variety of Domain Name Extensions to choose from.

However, your choice of a Domain Name depends on the purpose of your website because domain extensions have different meanings.

Your domain extension can affect how people perceive your website.

Choose a domain name extension that best fits your business needs and is recognizable in your industry.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the most popular extensions .com and .ug(based in Uganda) to see which one best fits your business.

Difference between a .com and .ug Domain Name extensions

.com and .ug are probably the two most popular domain extensions in Uganda. If you prefer a .com domain extension for your website and it is not available you would definitely choose a .ug.

The .com domain extension stands for ‘commercial’ websites. These are for e-commerce websites, personal blogs, portfolios and so on.

On the other hand .ug is the country code domain extension (ccTLD) for Uganda.

Other domain extensions like .org stand for an ‘organization’ originally intended for non-profit organizations.

.net stands for network intended for network, internet, service providers and so on.

When Should You Choose You Choose a .com Domain Name Extension?

.com is the most used domain name extension making it the easiest domain extension for people to remember. Moreover, mobile keyboards have a dedicated .com button which is not the case for other domain extensions like .net or .ug.

Almost every domain name with the .com extension has been taken. If you join common English words, you will always have difficulties getting a domain name with a .com extension.

Nevertheless, there are still possible ways of getting a .com domain extension and here are a few.

Choose a name that speaks about your business

Check that your domain name speaks about your business and what you do.

For example, is better than

Consider your Location

If your choice of a domain name is already taken, you can add one word or two to make it more specific.

Your location could play an important role here. For example, you could say

Be Specific

Make your domain name as unique as possible by being more specific to the services that you offer.

Use Business Name Generators

If you’re even finding it harder, try using online Business Name Generators to help you get a domain name.

These tools are powered by AI-Artificial Intelligence and will help you generate a domain if not yet taken. These include Shopify, Namelix and so on.

When Should You Choose You Choose a .ug Domain Name Extension?

Now let’s talk about the .ug. You might be convinced to choose a .ug domain extension if;

Firstly, your business is based in Uganda or you, yourself are based in Uganda.

Secondly, if the domain name of your choice is not allowing you to opt for a .com domain extension.

Furthermore, your .ug is not tied to industry like a .com domain extension.

Choosing .com vs .ug which one is best for SEO.

You will often ask which domain extension ranks faster.

Whether you’re looking for either a .com or .ug domain extension, consider the factors mentioned above.

Since a .ug domain extension is more specific to the location, this will improve your ranking in local search results positively impacting your SEO.


Above all, whether you choose a .com or .ug domain extension, put your focus on SEO best practices to increase your chances of you ranking higher. We can help your business reserve your choice domain. Please contact us to register your .ug or .com domain at affordable pricing.

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