Web Hosting Pricing

Unlimited Web Hosting 1 Year $100.00 USD [paypal_button type=”paynow” amount=”100″] [paypal_button type=”cart” name=”Web Hosting 1yr” amount=”100″]
Unlimited Web Hosting 2 Year $180.00 USD [paypal_button type=”paynow” amount=”180″] [paypal_button type=”cart” name=”Web Hosting 2yr” amount=”180″]
Unlimited Web Hosting 3 Year $260.00 USD [paypal_button type=”paynow” amount=”260″] [paypal_button type=”cart” name=”Web Hosting 3yr” amount=”260″]
Unlimited Web Hosting 4 Year $340.00 USD [paypal_button type=”paynow” amount=”340″] [paypal_button type=”cart” name=”Web Hosting 4yr” amount=”340″]
Unlimited Web Hosting 5 Year $420.00 USD [paypal_button type=”paynow” amount=”420″] [paypal_button type=”cart” name=”Web Hosting 5yr” amount=”420″]

Payable Add-on Services

Site Backup and Restore Monthly $20.00 USD [paypal_button type=”paynow” amount=”20″] [paypal_button type=”cart” name=”Web Hosting 5yr” amount=”20″]
Domain Registration Annual Fees See Domain packages

Why Host your website with Media Uganda?

Choosing the right web hosting technology is just as important as choosing the right business partner. We like to think of our clients as partners. This mindset allows us to understand your business, the websites and applications that help run your business.

Affordable and Cheap Unlimited Web Hosting in Uganda

Our entire eco friendly green web hosting package is unlimited. Unlimited Starting from;

  • web hosting disk space
  • data transfer
  • email mailboxes accounts
  • MYSQL databases that your website and web applications need
  • FTP rights for your web administrators.

Our Media Uganda unlimited web hosting plan is the perfect home for your individual or business website with a variety of online store tools, a simple to use file manager and various simple script installers to make your work easier. These include joomla, wordpress, phpBB, PHP scripts and online store tools.

Our unlimited web hosting plan includes global marketing starters for your business worth $125. Get your Web hosting on secure and eco-friendly servers with back-ups across the Globe in Europe and North America. Our web hosting prices are the most affordable in Uganda.

We offer fast, safe and reliable web hosting solutions in Uganda. Your website will never be offline due to any avoidable factors. You can easily upload files very fast and securely, update and mange your website with your own private control panel (CPanel), to make managing your Website an easy task.

You might have been told you need web hosting but do not know what it is. And you ask;

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts companies like Media Uganda web solutions provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

Our web hosting features

We have a number of tools in our web hosting plan that are accessible through your control panel (CPanel) and they help with different tasks. We have listed some of them as we make more innovations to server you better. Some of the web hosting feature tools are;

Newsletter management

Private control panel (CPanel)

High security for marketing and business.

Google adwords and services like google webmaster tools

Free Advertising. Get the word out about your great new site with credits for major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and for the popular social networking site, Facebook. We give you $150 in free advertising, right up front!

Site Starter to help you put up a simple website as you develop one.

Install Central Application Library

Stable, tested and well programmed CGI and scripted language support

PHP enabled we support the latest php versions.

Scripting and Databases

Create a database-backed website using MySQL

Free Support by email and phone contact: Our Friendly Support team is here to help. If you have questions, our friendly support team is available from 7am-8pm via phone, email and online chat.

Webstats. See the number and monitor who visits your website. Potential visitors are potential clients.

Green Hosting: