Why a new website in 2015

Media Uganda website design in uganda

As we have moved around different new products and ideas across the internet, we could not miss exploring and writing about our web design niche. Several ideas have been express by different web authors and designers about the changing trend in the website industry and some to the point of disheartening if not inspiring.

Mistakes in Uganda Website design

Our Ugandan market might not appreciate the web business line but slowly is catching up. Over the past year when we worked on our search engine optimization (SEO) campaign in 2014 to reach high ranks for particular keyword searches on Google, we found that there were more inquiries into getting a new website or redesigning an old one. A few mistakes can be made when trying to achieve this goal that could lead to loss of SEO ranking with search engines like Google among the few shortcomings. Some of the mistakes could be;

Media Uganda website design in uganda

Options of website design

Mistake #1: Technology Vs Look & Feel
It’s not about the specific technology. Do not get enamored by a specific technology or a flashy web design.

Mistake #2: Choosing the lowest cost option

Sometimes the challenge we meet is the client wanting a cheap website in contrast to one that the price will yield more returns for them. The price wars do not do justice fro any website owner in comparison to the desired goal they want to achieve. Unless your goal is to spend less on a website then the only tick you will have on your checklist, will be cheap website.

Mistake #3: Website implementations driven by IT instead of the business

Your website and its design a part of your marketing strategy to reach a desired market segment. You can not falter on the design on the basis on having functionality alone. This runs back to the mistake we mentioned in #1. But the website should best suit you in bringing in purchasing customers and not just having technology advancement. You need to ask yourself whether a website is what you need right now.

Mistake #4: Building your Website on shady techonology

Building a 21st century web solution for your organization is a strategic investment. As such, you want to be sure that your web redesign will be able to grow and adapt as web technologies adapt. You want to avoid building a website that looks great on day one but falls apart soon thereafter. The last thing you want is a new web presence that is irrelevant soon after you go-live. The goal should be to build a solution that can grow with changes to your business as well as changes to the technological landscape. So, when choosing a web technology, be sure that the technology solution you do choose is likely to be an established marketplace leader in the years to follow.

Mistake #5: Hiring the incompetent web designer
An organization’s website represents the company brand and, for many organizations, can be the difference maker between profit or loss, legitimacy or in-authenticity, success or failure. As such, you should be sure to select a website implementation partner that not only has proven experience in building websites, but has equal or greater capacity to understand your business goals and translate them into a winning web design. Choose a web partner that has well-rounded expertise in both business and the web, and you are likely to get a better end result.

It’s become a fairly common conception that making a website is “easy”. I personally find it very frustrating to see individuals or companies offering “quick fix” websites for a few pounds/dollars. This leaves people with the impression that websites are easy and quick to do. They are not, and I’m sure there are many passionate designers and developers out there who will back me up when I say that making a website is a very delicate process that requires a high level of detail. From research into the client, their aims of the website and target market all the way to producing the clean code, getting a website that works can become nothing short of your greatest asset.

When looking for the person or company to make your website, the top questions you should be asking yourself are:

  • Has this person/company developed websites that work within my area of business?
  • Does this person/company have a professional looking portfolio?
  • Will this person/company offer you a personal and tailored experience?

With time, effort, care and investment a website can be your business’ greatest asset. If your plan is to grow then a website is crucial. Media Uganda will guarantee you that website design that is quality and is affordable.

How important is a website for your business?

So, in this day and age, we assume that every credible company has a website, right? Google by survey and research company Ipsos in 2013 recorded that 55% of small businesses don’t have a website. So, just how important is a website for your business? It zeros down to how you want your business to grow. Managing a successful web companies in Uganda, has shown me the importance of a website to many businesses and found great joy out of watching them grow. For your business to grow and achieve its full potential, it needs to be seen. If you don’t have a presence on the internet, you are losing out to companies that do, that’s a fact. Most people with the intention of buying a product service will search online before making a purchase ­ if you’re not online how do you expect your customers to see what you can offer?

Having a website leads to huge opportunities ­ if you do it right. My exception is only have a website made if you are willing to put in the time, effort and investment that it deserves. If you can’t offer that, then my advice would be to wait until you can. It’s much better to have no website than have one that makes your company look poor. Cutting corners in the short term can lead to many problems long term.

You only get one first impression, so make sure it counts. There may be hundreds of close competitors for your business, but if your website gives a better first impression than theirs, then you’re in with a good shot of converting that visitor into a customer.