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Media Uganda makes it possible for you to have your customized email like john@yourorganization.com within a short period (about two hours on purchase of a new domain).

Guaranteed Email Security

We know you want to have your emails going out safely and should be trusted by your clients and suppliers. We made it our number one goal and point to improve and monitor our security on the mail servers.

State of the art Spam filters

We have also employed the state of art webmail spam filters to make sure your inbox is clean and free of spam. Our Servers are have the high and trusted security and make it possible to limit access to mail hacks on the internet and mobile by unauthorized users.

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“www.yourname.com” (also .net .org .biz .info .us) registration 1 Year shs 120,000
“www.yourname.com” (also .net .org .biz .info .us) registration 2 Years shs 200,000
For “www.yourname.co.ug” registration 1 Year contact us for prices

* Prices are annual charges
* Charge refers only to those who wish to just have email hosting.
* No charge for those who have web hosting with us.

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