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Our Web products

Register your choice Domain Name

Do you plan to get a website designed and hosted? Or do you want to get professional custom emails for your business or organization? media Uganda registers you domain names in Uganda at affordable prices and in the shortest time possible. Before some one with same business idea steals your domain name, we help you register it and reserve it for your business.

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Secure Unlimited Web Hosting

We provide the most secure and affordable unlimited hosting in Uganda. Our servers are located in the U.S and across Europe to ensure that your website is running full time at the most amazing speeds. Order today for your web hosting and have your website reach across the globe in no time. Your website is guaranteed full time running and viewership worldwide.

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Web Design in Uganda

Do not lag behind as the web market eaves you behind. get your web desing done by Media Uganda to ensure that your business reaches maximum sales before the year is out. We make customized web sites for all businesses, organizations and people in Uganda and across East Africa. Write to us at  and find out how we can help you reach full potential.

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Improve Search Engine Ranking

Most business owners do not understand that ranking top in the search engines make your business make more money. Sign up with us today to make your website to reach it potential as we improve your search engine rakings by optimizing your website until it reaches number one in Google, yahoo, bing and other search engines. Learn more from our website blog

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Eye Catching Graphics Design

Get your business cards, billboards, banners and any artwork done. Our expert web and graphics designers sit down with you and address your business challenge that only good graphics design can do. Beat the media houses prices in Uganda; Our prices are affordable but the graphics work you get speaks volumes for your business and your brand as we make them to your desire.

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Professional Custom Emails

Add a professional touch to your business or organization. Let your clientele, followers and supporters reach you on your own private mail server. We set up for you custom emails based on your domain name such as go@sendmycompany.com. The Email servers are highly protected with the state of the art security techniques to tackle spam and hackers.

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Your website design starts here

When a business or personality considers moving into having a website as an approach angle to marketing, they sometimes do not comprehend the full value attached to owning a website so before one ventures into this form of marketing through the internet, several factors have to be considered when making that choice.

Is there a need to have a website in Uganda today?

For starters the potential web design client might not make out the issue but consultation with a good website developer helps one put two and two together before making an informed internet marketing decision.

Get more sales from your website all over Uganda market niche

Different market niches have different targets for a business owner; they may be referred to as customers to a business owner whereas to a blogger they are subscribers. What ideally a website does for you is to reach potential and existing millions of clients all over Uganda looking for your product or service or to simply get your information that updated on your website to various clientale with little or no costs at all available at any time and fast. Forget air travel that was thought to be the fastest means of travel and information carriage before the telegram.

Websites make life very easy for customers

Create ease for which to do business with clients who want to do business with you. A good web design gives the client time to go through all that you can offer, Profile, contacts as opposed to demanding for a meeting with someone constantly caught up in their busy schedule and when they get the time to see you they are tired and worn out not willing to listen to your pitch.

Reach more web clients

The value of designing and hosting a website can be more illustrated by the business card ideology. If one happens to won a business card then one will be in position to appreciate a website because it is an expanded version of a business card which will distribute itself to the worldwide with your contact numbers, fax, services, location with the help of tools like google maps and google local. Unlike the business card that is forced down some one


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